Meet Gladys DiTroia

I have been successfully empowering and coaching women & men in their efforts to lose weight and keep it off for a decade now and I can tell you that we’ve over complicated how we think about diet and exercise. We need real solutions for real life that's why my motto is to "keep it simple and keep it real".

8 years ago I created “The Real Deal” program for The Bar Method Exercise Studios. This 8-week, large group program has seen massive success and led to requests for corporate weight loss and wellness programs for companies like Wells Fargo.

I am certified in Weight Management by E3 Weight Management Solutions and employ Cognitive Therapy for Weight Loss and Health Coaching in my programs. For the last 10 years, I have been a successful private weight loss coach and I was the weight management specialist for Crunch Gyms. I’ve been a keynote speaker for Ramsey, New Jersey’s town-wide weight loss program and featured on the covers for Bergen Health & Life and Jersey Fit magazine.

Most importantly, I am passionate about what I do, always pushing and motivating clients with humor, encouragement, fact-based nutritional advice and accountability. I love seeing the results and I celebrate every weight loss milestone, be it for a private client or a corporate group. I absolutely love my work, because it’s life-changing!

I get results, not by providing mountains of confusing diet info or by posting the latest exercise fads on social media. My clients achieve their goals because I'm completely honest, relatable and I show them exactly what works in real life.