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I see you, believe me.

I see you in airports and racing from meeting to meeting. I see the long hours at work followed by the time calculations and mental gymnastics that you perform in order to get time with people you love, time at the gym, and some kind of food in you before waking up and starting all over. And I see you feeling like you're failing, when in fact, you don't have to.

Stop over thinking it. There is enormous power in simplicity. In my experience, complexity is the enemy to execution.
If you only knew how easy it was to eat well, without cutting out whole categories of food or trying to out-exercise your diet, you’d start feeling better right this minute.

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My corporate program has a proven track record of success and it's because I do three things consistently:

      • Empower you with information.
      • Motivate you with support to keep you moving forward.
      • Show that Accountability is the anchor that makes success possible.

There isn’t room for failure, especially if you commit. I say, “no voyeurs here. You’re in our you’re out.” My clients in high powered jobs, who travel 200 days a year are able to keep their weight down and continue to lose.
Just ask the group I coached at Wells Fargo.

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Group programs allow for accountability, a sense of group support & celebration
and enable me to share what I know as a successful weight loss coach.